OMNIFIT BRAIN is used with the application and provides various information and training services about the brain. Android 5.0+   / IOS 10.0+  / Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE) +
Main Services 1. Brain condition check : Check your brain condition with simple one minute measurement. *Measuring item : Concentration, Brain stress, Brain activity, Brain Balance
Main Services 2. Study Monitoring : 'AI Mode' helps to improve learning effect during study. ※ Provides concentration time and pattern analysis report after learning(Real-time brain state analysis during learning->Providing automatic contents according to brain wave changes->Maintain optimal brain condition)
Main Services 3. Concentration Game : This game, applied neurofeedback principles, helps you to be strengthening of concentration. (Concentration level = Game power)
Main Services 4. Healing Music : Functional music with binaural beat will manage your brain condition. (Concentration Reinforced,Strengthen concentration,Relieve depression)