※ Remarks on repair
Please be sure to read the instruction manual as it will be charged if you request service that is not faulty.
If you can not solve the problem with the manual, please contact the customer center

☞Free-repairable standards
▪ In the event of performance or functional failure (normal or non-faulty) that occurred under normal use within the warranty period
▪ In the process of using the product normally after A / S, if the same parts are stocked within 12 months

☞Paid-repairable standards
▪ In the event of a consumer malfunction,
- If the consumer disassembles, modifies, or fails due to carelessness (flooding, breakage, damage, external impact, dropping)
- If a malfunction occurs due to the use of consumables and accessories not specified by us
- In case of failure due to failure to observe the instruction manual
▪ If a failure occurs due to repairs made by a person other than our articles or designated articles
▪ Failure due to natural disaster (lightning, fire, earthquake, flood, etc.)
▪ Consumable parts have reached end of life (such as batteries)

For detailed A / S policy, please refer to the [Product Warranty] enclosed with the product.

[For customers in other countries, please contact the customer service center separately.]
Customer Service Office: +8270-7605-1177
Weekdays 10:00 ~ 17:00 (Closed Saturdays / Sundays / National holidays)
[Android device]
* Android 5.0+ support

[iOS devices]
* iOS 10.0 + support
* iPad, iPod touch is not supported.
The battery capacity is 3.7V 300mAh. Complete charging time will take up to 2 hours from 0% to 100%.
*Standby condition: up to 72hours
*Operating condition: up to 10hours
- Turn off the headset and turn it back on
- Select [Settings]> [Bluetooth]> [Unregister the registered device] or [Delete this device]
- Select [Settings]> [Bluetooth]> [Search / Search]> OMNIFIT XXXX
* XXXX = the last 4 digits of the serial number
Please reset your headset settings in the following order and try again.

1. When the EEG sensor is not connected
- Go to the headset management menu in the top right of the app main screen
- Attempt to reconnect the EEG sensor
- Press 'Headset Search' button and try to find the sensor again when reconnection fails

2. When the earphone (AUDIO) can not be connected
- Select [Settings]> [Bluetooth]> [Unregister the registered device] or [Delete this device]
- Power off the OMNIFIT Brain and charge for 10 minutes at least.
- Power on after removing charge cable
- Select [Settings]> [Bluetooth]> [Search / Search]> OMNIFIT XXXX
* XXXX = the last 4 digits of the serial number
To use the device, you need to connect it with the OMNIFIT Brain APP.
You need to connect the EEG sensor and earphone(AUDIO) according to the instructions of the APP.
- EEG sensor connection: Connect from app -> Model name such as OCW-H20 XXXX"
- Earphone (AUDIO) connection: Connect to mobile phone Bluetooth -> Model name such as "OMNIFIT XXXX"
* XXXX = the last 4 digits of the serial number
OMNIFIT BRAIN does not manage membership information.
Your data is kept in the app, so if you delete the app, your history will also be deleted. Please note this.
OMNIFIT BRAIN is based on the use of one person. Only one phone can be connected per one device.
If you want to use with other users, please end all pairing (bluetooth connection) from the old phone you are using, and connect to the new phone.
- Charge the battery for 1 minute
- Remove the charging cable and power off
You can buy from Amazon UK market, https://www.amazon.co.uk.
If you cannot purchase from Amazon UK, please send us an email. We will contact you to help for your purchase.
venlee@omnicns.com / parksun91@omnicns.com